The Una Vida Foundation

In association with Alla Arriba, the Fundación Una Vida (One Life Foundation) provides scholarships to talented individuals who wish to further their study in a wide range of the healing and therapeutic arts including yoga, massage, reiki—any discipline that furthers an individual’s professional practice in improving health and mental well-being.

We encourage individuals who already have experience in a chosen field, and are ready to deepen their education to apply for a scholarship. The amount of money awarded will be based on available funds, and the potential of the applicant’s experience and ability to maximize the educational experience.

All training will be held at Alla Arriba. Housing will be included. If an applicant needs additional financial support during the course of their studies, Alla Arriba will work to arrange a work-study opportunity.

Applications are currently being accepted.

Please email Fernando Donadio at, or use the form below to briefly answer the following questions regarding the area you wish to study. We will respond to you shortly.

  • What area of interest would you like to study?
  • Briefly describe your current background and the reason/s you wish to further your studies in this discipline
  • How will you apply your advanced studies?

Feel free to add any additional information you feel is relevant to your application.

Thank you for your interest in the Una Vida Foundation! We look forward to contacting you soon!