Temazcal Ceremony

A unique, centuries-old indigenous experience that helps participants renew mind, body and spirit.

Natural elements represented by the Temazcal are:

  • Water—symbolizing blood, fluids and emotions
  • Earth—the womb of mother earth and physical matter is represented by the shape and stones of the Temazcal
  • Air—aromatic steam represents our life’s energy and breath
  • Fire—the embodiment of the spirit through hot volcanic stone

What to wear:

  • Wear a sarong or bathing suit free of zippers, metal clasps or buttons
  • Do not wear jewelry to the ceremony
  • Eat only a light meal before the ceremony, and avoid all food two hours before the ceremony

Please reserve at least 24 hours in advance.


The Temazcal, or ceremonial sweat lodge, is a centuries-old therapeutic and medicinal practice used to cleanse and aid in spiritual transformation and physical healing. Still in popular use by the indigenous people of South America, the traditional Temazcal is an igloo-shaped sweat lodge built of stone, and shaped to represent the womb of mother earth.

During this sacred ceremony, small groups enter Alla Arriba’s on-site Temazcal. A Shaman leads a 2-hour session during which participants are encouraged to be in a spirit of gratitude and introspection with the intention to detach from thoughts and experiences that are no longer constructive, while cleansing and detoxing both spirit and body.

Meditative chanting focuses participants, while water is gently poured over hot rocks and fragrant herbs to create steam to cleanse body and mind. It’s an all-encompassing experience for the senses that helps participants feel centered in the present moment.

Participants are kept hydrated with herbal tea and are permitted to move around, or sit still — whatever is most conducive to their experience. When exiting the Temazcal ceremony, many participants describe a sensation of rebirth, of entering the same world but with a clearer vision.

“It’s one of Alla Arriba’s most sought-after experiences,” says Kristin Dura. “Many come out from their two-hour ceremony feeling both mentally and physically refreshed. It’s a transformation that is a gift from the generations that have come before us.”

Feel free to inquire about arranging a Temazcal ceremony when you make your reservations. We will help you choose the best time for this unique experience.