Labyrinth Workshop

The March 2014 Labyrinth Workshop Was an International Success


In March 2014, Alla Arriba was honored to  host two Labyrinth workshops led by Veriditas Founder, the Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress.

With the support of La Falda City officials, a  40’ Chartres labyrinth was built by volunteers from around the world in San Martin Park in downtown La Falda. The building of the Labyrinth was sponsored by Enrique and Kristin Dura, owners of Alla Arriba.

The Labyrinth: Walking One Path Together

Rather than build the labyrinth on the private property of the Alla Arriba retreat center, the Dura’s selected San Martin Park which is centrally located near a beautiful Catholic Church, a hospital and a school. The location serves as an open invitation for all to enjoy the Labyrinth.

Planning for the labyrinth began in October of 2013.  The  four partners in this project – The Pearson Foundation, the Duras, the Municipality, and Veriditas —  met with the architect, city workers, and others to confirm their commitment, and the project moved forward quickly.

In keeping with Veriditas’ mission to educate and empower others to use the Labyrinth, The Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress led two workshops, one to dedicate and explain the history of the Labyrinth, and the second, more in-depth workshop to certify students to facilitate labyrinth walks and workshops on their own.


The Municipality donated large stones from a street in the city that had been torn up as the primary building material. The Veriditas team laid out the stones, and then cement was poured around them. When the project ran out of donated stones,  large slabs of concrete were provided to break up into pieces for the Center. For the very center of the Labyrinth, the Duras donated a round piece of granite from Alla Arriba to represent their commitment to the labyrinth. 


About the Labyrinth

A labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool found all over the world that offers a walking meditation and/or a path of prayer. Placing this labyrinth in La Falda is an act of healing and peace for the whole community whose history involved both Nazi and European Jewish immigrants during World War II. Alla Arriba is excited to bring the labyrinth to a place where labyrinths haven’t yet gone, and contribute to this global healing project.

Veriditas is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting people to the labyrinth experience for individual and global transformation and healing. Workshops are held around the world on how to walk a labyrinth and trainings are provided to teach those who want to become labyrinth facilitators.

Kristin and Enrique Dura feel strongly that a labyrinth can empower those who walk it to become more centered, relaxed, and have a quiet place in which to meditate or pray for whatever that person may need.

Participants report that the labyrinth:

“Opens my heart”
“Centers and grounds me”
“Helps me know that there is a pattern of organization at work in the chaos of the current world”
“Receives my grief and pain and allows for its release”
“Connects me to that which is greater than me”
“Gives me creative insight to solve the problem I’m working on”
“Balances my energy”
“Revitalizes me to take on the rest of my life”
“Connects me with others walking”
“Is my path of prayer”
“Provides me with inner guidance”
“Gives me hope”